Chinchillas are SO interesting!  

So you have a Chin or you’ve thought about getting one?  There are some fun things that you might not know about them, here’s a few!

Chinchillas can JUMP!  As high as SIX feet, maybe more!  So if you get one, you have to have really tall panels to “fence” them into their exercise area! They also need a tall cage with lots of shelves and perches so they can climb and hop while you’re not there.

Photo by Benjamin Gros via Pixabay

Chinchillas like company, and two females are probably your best bet.  Two males usually don’t get along after they’re adults, and one will get picked on.  Or you can get your boys neutered by a veterinarian that does exotic animals!

Their teeth grow continuously, and if they don’t chew a LOT, the teeth can overgrow.  This becomes a health issue that you can’t fix yourself, so it’s much more practical to just keep lots of good chew blocks around.I

A Chin that’s been ‘caught’ can actually “blow” its fur.  They’ll loose a lot of hairs and have a bald spot, but it can happen.  They only do this is they feel really threatened, though.

Photo by ElisKostkova via Pixabay

A happy Chinchilla will stand up on its hind feet and dance!  Some Chins have been caught on video dancing to their favorite tunes, it’s just adorable.  They are very sensitive to sound, and some owners leave the radio on for company.

Chinchillas like to have a bath EVERY day, but they don’t care for water at all. They take dust baths to clean their fur…

Chinchilla ready to hop into his bath!
Photo by AmberRVT via Pixabay

Chinchillas have the most plush fur – it’s so dense that they’re never bothered by fleas or ticks like most furry critters.

Chinchillas have very fragile bones ( a lot like bird’s) so they aren’t thought of a s a good pet for smaller or more active kids. It’s too easy to get excited and start dancing with a happy Chin and stumble or trip…

Your kids really want to get a Chin of their very own? Get this Journal and learn lots more useful information before you take that big step!


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