Hermit crabs are really interesting!

Photo by Ahmed Sobah via Unsplash

Have you wondered about those interesting looking hermit crabs that you see at the pet store?  Maybe your kids want one?  Here are some fun facts that you might not know!

1). Hermits have to have a variety of shells in their habitat.  They don’t change shells until they ABSOLUTELY have to, and when they do emerge, they must go right into a new shell.  If there isn’t one that’s the appropriate size, they’ll die.

2). Hermit crabs can live to 15 years old, if they’re taken care of properly!

Photo by Thomas Lipke via Unsplash

3) Hermit crabs are easy to feed! There are several different hermit food formulas out there, and if you also provide daily bits of fresh fruits and veggies, they should be happy and healthy. Sometimes hermits don’t eat at all for several days (especially if they’re molting), but you’ll still need to provide food every day.

Live or dried insects like crickets or mealworms are great treats, along with unsalted popcorn, unsalted crackers or raisins. Most hermits are nocturnal, so you’ll do best to feed them in the evening as they wake up for the night.

Image by skeeze on Pixabay

4) When one hermit decides he’s changing homes, he’ll be surrounded and climbed on by a bunch of his roommates. As soon as one shell is vacated, someone will move into it, and the process continues down the line.

Remember that they keep growing their whole life, so add in bigger shells and take out smaller ones every few months.

5). Hermits like to live in groups, and they like to climb on rocks or each other!  They’re a fun pet to watch, and are very low maintenance.

Cage cleaning can be done once a week, and food and water must be changed daily, but that’s about it. Use sand or dirt in the bottom of your hermit environment, so that if any of them fall down climbing, they won’t get hurt!

Image by MarcelloRabozzi on Pixabay

So, go ahead and add a few hermit crabs to your family! You’ll find they can be just as fascinating as any pet, and because they’re easy to take care of, you’ll get a pretty good bang for your buck with these tiny creatures!

If you want to see if your kids are ready for the responsibility, I invite you to get “My Hermit Crab Journal” at https://amzn.to/2DBR7qj, and have them brush up on care feeding and info on hermits for 45 days first!

And, as always, shoot me an email at FlamingPurpleJellyfish@gmail.com with questions. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll surely find out!

God Bless and have a fabulous day!

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