Your Siamese cat is a little different?

Photo by Lisa Algra on Unsplash

You know cats are kind of different anyway, right? But you also realize that your Siamese is truly unique, even in the cat world? Here are some fun Siamese-only facts that you may not have known:

Siamese are named after the country they came from originally: Siam (now Thailand). An ancient Thai manuscript (The Cat Book Poems) is illustrated with a Siamese. This manuscript has been dated as being from somewhere between the 14th and the 18th century A.D.

The Siamese we are familiar with today is a lean and lithe, athletic cat with a triangular face. Originally, however, they were a lot stockier and had a more rounded face. Both types are still around, and it’s purely personal taste which you like better.

The Siamese star of “That Darn Cat” (1965) was played by a rescue cat named Syn. He’d been left at a shelter because he was too independent, and an animal trainer adopted him for five dollars. He went on to win the first PATSY award for animal performers!

In Thailand, Siamese are called ‘wichien-matt’, which loosely translated means ‘moon diamond’.

Siamese’ “points” aren’t there when they’re born! All Siamese kittens are born pure white, and their color doesn’t begin to develop until they’re a few weeks old. This is caused by an enzyme that reacts to body temperature, and it only works on the cooler parts of the cats’ body.

Photo by Philippine FITAMANT on Unsplash

Siamese mix cats (like the one in this photo) are just as interesting and individual. Officially, there are several accepted point colors including lilac, blue and chocolate, besides the original seal point.

You’ve probably found that your Siamese is very vocal and opinionated! They seem to believe that we are only here to provide for their well-being, and that we should anticipate their wants and needs. I know that my Siamese mix, China Belle, believes that she should be fed whenever I walk into the kitchen! To prove it, she jumps up onto the tub where her dish is located, and meows to make sure I know where she is and what she wants.

China Belle

If you’re looking for a responsive and verbal companion, but you’re not quite up to having a human roommate, a Siamese may be just the thing! They generally snooze the day away while you’re at work, and are happy to see you when you get home, as long as you realize that their wants come before yours!

I invite you to purchase “My Siamese Cat Journal” at if you’d like to learn more about Siamese, or if you want to record your Siamese’ latest adventures! You’ll find facts, stories, quotes and trivia to remind you how precious our furry family members are!

As always, feel free to shoot me an email with questions at, and God bless and have a Fabulous day!

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