Betta Fish are great pets!

I have to say that I never realized how fun a “simple fish” can be as a pet until I met my Aunt Lorraine’s Betta, “Mr. Fish”.

I started feeding Mr Fish in the evening after work for her, and he quickly figured out what was going on! Within two weeks, he’d come up to the surface of the water under my hand to get his food, and a week after that he started jumping for it!

My hubby was still working out of town at the time, and I was hanging with Auntie to keep her company while we sold our property down the road.

Mr. Fish learned really fast that if he jumped out of the water at my hand, that I’d let the food drop, so it became a twice a day ritual. I’d call his name, touch the side of the tank, and here he’d come, rocketing out of his hiding place, ready to roll!

Image by ivabalk on Pixabay

I remember telling Jim on the phone about it one day because his reaction was complete disbelief! He actually thought I was making it up! I told him “Fine, but I’ll show you when you get home for the weekend…”

Boy was he surprised t how high Mr Fish was able to jump to get a bite of food, and how funny the look on his face was!

Fast forward about 15 years, and our son asked if we couldn’t get some fish….

Okay, I told him, but just a couple of guppies or… “This one! I want this one! Look Mom, he’s red, white and blue!” And so, Rico came home with us. Rico was your average WalMart Betta, small, very hungry and VERY shy.

This fish looks a lot like our Rico

Image by ivabalk on Pixabay

And, so it took a little longer for Rico to figure out that when I said his name, and touched the side of the aquarium, that meant food was on the way. But, figure it out he has!

Last week I had Tyler feed Rico, and he actually followed instructions…He said Rico’s name, he touched the side of the tank, and then he put his hand down over the water.

Then he jumped and hollered! “Mom, he touched my finger! He jumped out of the water to grab his food!”

And so he had. Rico may be “just a fish”, but he’s a special Betta to us. He’s helped show our son how special every life is, and how much we still have to learn about animal intelligence and behavior.

Photo by Pietro Jeng on Unsplash

Betta fish are easy to care for and can teach you and your kids a lot! Give a Betta fish a great home, and they’ll repay you with their beauty, elegance and relaxing ways for years to come. What better investment for just a few dollars and a bit of your time?

Want to learn more before you jump in the water? Not sure your kids are ready for a pet?

Available on Amazon: My Betta Fish Journal

As always, feel free to drop me a line at if you have any questions or comments!

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