A cat without a tail?

Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting a  Manx?  Manx cats are naturally tail-challenged, and are a bit different from your ordinary cat…

This is my current cat boss, China Belle.

Manx are originally from the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, and they can have no tail at all, like China here, or a stubby tail.  Manx with no tail at all are most valued for showing.  

The “taillessness” is classified as a spinal defect, but in no way should you consider a Manx cat “handicapped”!  Manx tails come in varying lengths, from the “Rumpy” like my China (zero tail) to “Rumpy Risers” (a knob of tail) to the “Stumpy” (a short tail that’s ofter curved or kinked).  “Longies” have a long tail, but still shorter than most other cats.  

Manx can have short hair, long hair, or even in-between.  The longhaired variety is called the Cymric, and Manx or Cymric may both appear in the same litter.

Photo by seven song via Unsplash

Manx typically are rounded all over. Round-faced, round-bodied, and round-eyed, they’re just round all over! It makes the silhouette quite distinctive, even without the “missing” tail.

Manx have longer back legs, and this makes them very agile jumpers. You shouldn’t be surprised to see them at the top of your bookcase, snoozing contentedly. This also makes them walk with a bit of a ‘hop’.

Snoozing on the couch back.

I’ve read that Manx are lap cats, and I have to say that’s a bit misleading. My Manx insists on sleeping behind my legs at night, sitting next to me on the couch, and will only grudgingly take up position on the couch back is anyone else wants to sit on the seat.

Some authorities state that Manx love water, and this may be true of pure Manx, but my mix doesn’t share this trait. She will touch water if there’s a fish swimming under the surface, but that’s the extent of her interest.

Manx are very intelligent, and VERY handy with their paws. They are frequently able to turn on water faucets, open cabinet drawers and doors, and pick up toys from the floor.

They also tend to get the “galloping ???” racing around the house, sliding around corners and generally being fast. When China gets done with her lap running, she’ll slip up next to me on the loveseat and take a nap.

Photo by max sandelin via Unsplash

One last thing about Manx – every one I’ve ever had was just as vocal as a Siamese! China will talk to me whenever her food or water dishes are empty, whenever she feels that it’s time to go out on the porch, or when she feels her litterbox is not clean enough!

As always, questions, comments, corrections or criticisms are welcome at FlamingPurpleJellyfish@gmail.com. I love to hear from YOU!

With Grace and Gratitude,

LeslieAnne Hasty

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