Hiking on the hill

Yesterday my son took me on a “baby hike” to show me some of the plants he’d found while running the Beagles. Here are the photos:

Trillium by LeslieAnne Hasty (c) 2019
Bloodroot LeslieAnne Hasty (c) 2019
LeslieAnneHasty (c) 2019

I’ve got to look this one up, not sure about the name!

Here are some more:

Wild Violets LeslieAnne Hasty (c) 2019
Wild Cherry LeslieAnne Hasty (c) 2019

Today we’re going to get photos of some more lovely Kentucky Spring flowers!

As always, comments, corrections, and criticism welcome at FlamingPurpleJellyfish@gmail.com.

With Grace and Gratitude,

LeslieAnne Hasty

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