Peafowl Are a Fun Country Pet

Photo by aniketh kanukurthi via Unsplash

We had Peafowl at our ranch in Arizona. They were really interesting, but very loud in the Spring especially. The Peacock has a call that he uses to attract hens from far away, through the jungle, so it has to be really loud!

If you have neighbors closer than a mile away, you probably want to let them know if you get Peafowl! That loud call sounds like a woman yelling “HELP” to a LOT of people, and your neighbors can be understandably upset to hear this if they don’t get an adequate warning. Also, Peacocks will call at night if they’re disturbed, so they’re not the best pet for those who have trouble sleeping!

Photo by isa isa via

If you’ve been lucky enough to see one spread his tail like this, you know it’s one of Nature’s amazing displays! What I learned recently is that there’s a sort of rustling, clicking noise he makes when he’s adjusting his fan (I had heard this) that is a particular sound frequency, and the hens have special feathers on their heads that are actually tuned to that exact frequency, so that they can find him no matter how thick the jungle.

Photo by darshan patel via Unsplash

Another thing most people don’t realize is that a Peacock or Peahen can fly! They’re actually incredible to see, the only thing I’ve seen that even comes close is watching a Wild Turkey fly. They’re about the same size and build (except for the tail), and watching these big, bulky birds soar just made my heart sing!

Photo by stephen hickman via Unsplash

Peacocks shed their tail every year, and every year it just gets bigger and better. So, don’t feel guilty for getting those amazing feathers, they’re all natural and freely donated every Fall!

Want to learn more about Peafowl? Here’s a book that’s way better than a diary, and a heckuva lot more educational than a plain journal:

My Peacock Journal available NOW!

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2 Comments on “Peafowl Are a Fun Country Pet

  1. I love peafowl! I know someone who raised one since it was a chick, and it became very tame. It would stroll right into the house and spread out those lovely tail feathers for attention. It also liked to attack their hens while they were brooding. He was quite the nuisance, but a beautiful one.

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