Robin Emergency!

Yesterday, we had an unfortunate accident out on the porch. My hubby and I were watching the birds, reading, and chatting, the cat was stretched out in the sun, our boy was out and about, and the pair of Robins was busily feeding their FIVE babies.

They were absolutely tireless, back and forth. Each trip, they’d have a beakful of big earthworms, and would carefully stuff one in each gaping mouth, while the babies twittered away, trying to get more food.

One parent would stuff, then take off, and the other would return and stuff!

Back and forth, like clockwork almost, back and forth. Then, disaster struck!

Suddenly, there was a tweet, a soft “thump”, and the cat streaked over to the flowerpot I’d just planted. She reached in and grabbed…a baby Robin! EEK!

I was already jumping up and grabbing the cat, the baby bird, and climbing the ladder!

Checking for blood, no blood on the baby, trying to put it back in the nest, parents swooping in and calling, CRAP!

Baby doesn’t fit in the nest, it’s TOO SMALL!!!!

Okay, parents swooping, threatening my very life. Cat VERY pissed! Hubby trying to help. STOP and THINK!!

Gently and carefully place baby on top of the stack of babies already in the nest. Hope and pray baby doesn’t wiggle much, or that siblings will toss it off onto the porch again. Climb down from ladder, Put the cat INSIDE.

Wait. And wait. Parents still flying about like crazy birds, well, okay, that’s understandable. Next thing, here’s hubby back with a small piece of wire mesh, a screw gun and a couple of screws.

Hubby gets the screen placed under the edge of the nest, fastens it with a couple of screws, and we sit down to wait for the parents to come back.

And wait. And wait. An hour later, one parent finally flies in, sees the screen and zips right back out again. CRAP!

Nest with new “anti-baby-falling” protective screen
LeslieAnne Hasty (c) 2019

Another hour later, I can hear the parents calling each other and see them at the other end of the house. They’re still pretty agitated, but are dropping down to the ground to get food, so they’re calming down. By now it’s starting to get dark, and we gather up and head inside.

The next morning, I went out and took up my spot in my chair, and within a few minutes, one of the parents was in the nest, feeding away while the babies twitter for attention.

YAY! Disaster averted! Feed on, my Robin friends, feed on!!!!!

AS always, comments, criticism, corrections welcome at anytime!

With Grace and Gratitude

LeslieAnne Hasty

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