A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 109

“I can do all things” is a phrase we should each live by.

Anything you wish to do, any feat you can imagine, is something you CAN do.  Just remember that the Divine wants you to be everything you can be, wants you to accomplish everything you can dream of.

The Universe cares about you.

The Divine in each of us longs for a more complete understanding, a wholeness of purpose.

We each have so much to offer the world, so much to offer our families, our friends, our acquaintances.

Give up the steering wheel, and enjoy the ride!  And don’t be a back-seat driver.  

You don’t have to be “in control”.  You’re not in a position to make good decisions unless you can see all the consequences of your actions. 

Just make the intent, and trust that the Universe will bring it to you, in good time and in the best way possible.

And have faith that you will be taken care of, that your needs will be met.  Today, and every day.

Have a blessed day today!

Photo by Yousef Espanioly, courtesy of Unsplash
With Grace and Gratitude

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