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15 reasons you want a house rabbit!

Rabbits aren’t just adorable outside pets anymore – they actually make a great apartment pet that’s quiet and pretty easy to care for. If you’re looking for an easy-going room-mate who doesn’t play the stereo too loud or spend all their time watching the… Continue Reading “15 reasons you want a house rabbit!”

Chinchillas are SO interesting!  

So you have a Chin or you’ve thought about getting one?  There are some fun things that you might not know about them, here’s a few! Chinchillas can JUMP!  As high as SIX feet, maybe more!  So if you get one, you have to… Continue Reading “Chinchillas are SO interesting!  “

And Bluebirds, too!

Yesterday we saw our first Bluebirds of the year! I’m always thrilled to see these gorgeous birds, and my husband and son have been building and posting Bluebirds boxes for years. Back home in Arizona, Jim had around twenty boxes posted all along our… Continue Reading “And Bluebirds, too!”

Sugar glider, Honey bear….

You know that incredibly cute animal at the flea markets that they call a sugar glider or honey bear?  Well, they’ll sell you that adorable thing without telling you some REALLY important information!! Before you spend your hard-earned money on a TINY creature that… Continue Reading “Sugar glider, Honey bear….”

The Robins are here!

Every year our American Robins migrate south for the winter, and the next year I’m always pleased to see the first one of the year! My hubby says that I’m easily surprised, and , really, they do re-appear every year, so why does it… Continue Reading “The Robins are here!”

Sci-fi idea?

What If you could have your genes custom modified?  What would you change about yourself and why?   I’d seriously consider getting spliced with a leopard or jaguar! Think of how your senses would change – how much more intense the scents around you… Continue Reading “Sci-fi idea?”

Everyone has a cold except for me!

So my husband came down with a really bad head cold last week and has given it to our son.  Eek!  I’ve been avoiding them as much as I can in this big house! On the positive side, the last three days I’ve been… Continue Reading “Everyone has a cold except for me!”

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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